• 922 41 10 00
  • C/ Galeón, 10 - La Palma (España)
  • 922 41 10 00
  • C/ Galeón, 10 - La Palma (España)

El Galeón, your Hotel in La Palma

Located in Santa Cruz de La Palma, island capital. Biosphere Reserve.

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Welcome at Hotel El Galeon

Our hotel is situated in Santa Cruz de La Palma. The hotel is located a few minutes from the port and the city center, where you could find shops and restaurants. We have the excellent panoramic views towards to the sea and the peaks of the island. This hotel is perfect for those people who come to work or just for holiday.

La Palma

La Palma, or also called beautiful island, has about 708,42 km2, of forest and mountains with green as predominant color.
In 2002 the island was named by Unesco Biosphere Reserve, the conservation and preservation of the natural wealth is an essential target. The island has an extensive network hiking paths through which you will discover natural sites.